Sunday, June 18, 2006

Putting My Feet Up

I spent three days in hospital after Atticus arrived, to aid the recovery and because actually moving was something of a problem. Pain, Pain, Pain and Joy. Joy, Joy. Strange mixture of the two, although I did have Drugs, Drugs, Drugs to help with the former. Antun stayed the first night at the hospital to help me should I need assistance during the night. He's not the ideal choice for night duty and promptly fell asleep never to be woken until morning. The second night I sent him home and my mum stayed and was, as I expected, an essential. She was, BTW, staying for five weeks to help with the little one. Aunty Kate visited several time to see Atticus and now has become a firm favourite of his.

Atticus proved a gem and made it pretty easy for me to become a mom. He didn't cry much and was easy to feed, didn't mind Antun changing his diapers and even faced the pricks in his heel for blood test with flair.

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