Sunday, June 18, 2006

Dude what's with the Flash!!!

Can't a boy just can't some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's without all this light - enough already.

Putting My Feet Up

I spent three days in hospital after Atticus arrived, to aid the recovery and because actually moving was something of a problem. Pain, Pain, Pain and Joy. Joy, Joy. Strange mixture of the two, although I did have Drugs, Drugs, Drugs to help with the former. Antun stayed the first night at the hospital to help me should I need assistance during the night. He's not the ideal choice for night duty and promptly fell asleep never to be woken until morning. The second night I sent him home and my mum stayed and was, as I expected, an essential. She was, BTW, staying for five weeks to help with the little one. Aunty Kate visited several time to see Atticus and now has become a firm favourite of his.

Atticus proved a gem and made it pretty easy for me to become a mom. He didn't cry much and was easy to feed, didn't mind Antun changing his diapers and even faced the pricks in his heel for blood test with flair.

Friday, June 16, 2006

The First Rebel Yell

Atticus arrived at 1.18pm on Thursday 15th June 2007 weighing in at 8lbs 14ozs, yelling all the way to the scales. He was considerably larger than we had anticipated, not that this was a problem of course, but it did take a little longer to get him out of the sunroof.

He was breach and didn't want to move from his warm comfy position so a c-section it was. I thought I was very
calm and handling whole thing enormously well until, some time later, they informed me I had been given morphine - marvelous :)

He was taken off to the nursery whilst the surgeons finished the job but reunited with us very soon afterwards. He knew what he wanted from the off and was in search of sustenance immediately, much to my relief and everyone el
se's amusement.

Soon after we were off, it was like a comedy bed race, me in my metal hospital bed and Atticus in his plastic see-through crib on wheels. Not sure who won but we found ourselves happily ensconced in another room.

The remainder of the day passed with a few visitors and lots questions from visitors and new parents. This also was the time when it was first said "look at his lovely red hair", I wish I'd had the camera to take a picture of Daddy's face right at that second.