Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Stormin Who?

Atticus paraded a little outfit for Halloween which suited his up standing credentials, straight back, multiple chins. He did well, served until at least milk time and then crashed in his crib for 8 hours.

Sunday, October 1, 2006

The Windy City

Atticus took his first flight, albeit only a short one of 4 hours, to Chicago to meet up with Daddy who had been teaching there all week. We flew out on Friday 29th September, taking far more than we needed but having never done this before we decided to make sure all eventualities were covered.

Atticus was a dream, and did indeed dream, he slept for pretty much the entire flight thanks to his booby feeding pillow. He received many compliments after landing, the best of which was from the person right in front of us who told us that he hadn't even realised there was a baby there at all. Mommy was very proud.

We did lots of sight seeing, took another first in the shape of a boat ride. Soaked in the atmosphere and nice weather, until the last day of horrid rain and storms that kept us on the runway for 6 hours. All the time Atticus was content to sit back and enjoy and then sleep.

We stayed in a nice little convenient hotel, with sink hanging off the wall and singing shower - all very entertaining.